Recognizing a major unfilled need in housing, DuraVilla USA has developed it's new

"Modular Bunkhouse" product line

Safe, Affordable, Flexible

DuraVilla Modular Bunkhouses provide safe, affordable multi-use housing with a remarkable diversity of potential applications, including:

  • Oil fields
  • Remote construction sites
  • Disaster housing
  • Pipeline construction sites
  • Hunting lodges
  • Fishing camps
  • Temporary work force housing
  • Safe low cost multi-family island housing
  • Safe secure housing for disadvantaged in country and out
  • Onsite temporary housing while homes are being reconstructed
  • Off shore housing
  • Marine, lake, river barge housing
  • Floating resort housing
  • Houseboat housing

Unique in the Industry

Here are just some of the features & benefits that make DuraVilla's Modular Bunkhouse unique in the affordable housing industry:

Comfortable Accommodations
  • Queen Bed
  • Full Size Bath
  • Personal Privacy
Super Insulated
  • Highly Energy Efficient
  • Suitable for Extreme Cold and Extreme Heat
Fully Movable
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Easy to Transport
Living Modules Fully Protected from Elements
  • Entry to Every Module Indoors
  • Highly Secure with Two Lockable Entries
Safety First
  • Safety Tested Wind and Weather
  • Safety Tested Fire Resistance
Economical Transitional or Emergency Housing
  • No Expensive Foundation Required
  • Move and Re-use Over and Over Again


We're in the process of developing detailed plans & drawings for this new product line.  Meantime, we're happy to share these:

Click image for larger version

Available in weeks, assembled in days

All the features that make DuraVilla's Modular Bunkhouses easy to disassemble, transport & re-use also mean that ASSEMBLING them can be accomplished in days!  Building components can all be manufactured in a matter of weeks. 

So if you need "housing in a hurry", the Modular Bunkhouse definitely fits the bill!

Contact us today to find out more about this great new product line from DuraVilla USA.


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